Kids Do Matter, Inc. is the only 100% dedicated charity in the U.S. who support foster families and foster children! The charter of KDM mandates that every penny of every dollar go directly to the children. KDM consists of 3 individuals, Hugh, Linda and a third local volunteer – the entire staff of the organization. KDM pays no salaries, no reimbursements and is totally dedicated to providing much needed aid to these children who are innocent of blame for what they have endured in their young lives.

All donations are tax deductible and each donation will receive a written notice for tax records and a personal thank you from Hugh and Linda. Indiana is unfortunately near the top of the list of states who shamefully abuse, sexually assault, and abandon children born to biological donors who literally “throw away” their offspring, or have them removed from their “parents” by court order. Add to that the infanticide rate in Indiana, currently seventh in the U.S. and unfortunately you have some idea why KDM was formed.

Now they need your financial help. If you are a foster child, or are or have been a foster parent, please consider a financial donation to KDM. Only you know the extent of this national disgrace and understand the horror that these children and babies are subjected to. However all who share the KDM concern for these children are welcome to assist in the KDM efforts to reach out to children who transcend all race and gender or religious boundaries.

Donate by Check / Money Order

Please send anything you think is appropriate in personal check or money order to:

Kids Do Matter, Inc.
7215 East Rush Ridge Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47401-8363

Should you have questions or require additional information, please contact us.

Donate Using Paypal

Any donation made through Paypal is secure and will be dispursed directly to Kids Do Matter, Inc.

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