Financial contributions are greatly needed as the Shanahans have personally financed every event, including purchasing all of the gifts. As KDM grows every year, so does the financial obligation. Seeking outside help is vital to ensure that no foster child is left feeling unappreciated at Christmas time. If you are in the position to help financially, please click the Donate link at the top of the screen for more information.


Since 2013 KDM provided a full Christmas luncheon every year for over 450 foster family members, and distributed over 1,700 individually selected and wrapped gifts for over 180 foster and biological children of these families. Over this past 2014 spring and summer months, KDM has additionally delivered over 400 sets of new school and play clothing to approximately 125 foster children in the 4 county metro areas. All of the purchasing, wrapping and delivering of gifts is done personally by Linda every year.

Help is always needed. Gift Wrapping, Purchasing, Delivery, Event Set-Up, Food Service, Event Clean-Up, and Entertainment are areas where we could use your help. If you are looking to give back during the Christmas season, please contact us and make a difference in a child's life.

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