Our Mission

Kids Do Matter, Inc. is the only 100% dedicated charity in the U.S. who supports foster families and foster children! The charter of KDM mandates that every penny of every dollar go directly to the children. KDM consists of 3 individuals, Hugh Shanahan, Linda Shanahan and a third local volunteer – the entire staff of the organization. KDM is a not for profit charitable company chartered in the State of Indiana approved by the IRS as a 501{c}3 charity and fully tax deductible. There are no paid employees, just neighbors who are willing to help these most needy of kids that live in our area. All funds collected by KDM go directly to the children. KDM pays no salaries, no reimbursements and is totally dedicated to providing much needed aid to these children who are innocent of blame for what they have endured in their young lives. All donations are tax deductible and each donation will receive a written notice for tax records and a personal thank you from Hugh and Linda. Any donation to KDM will make a difference to the children of our own 5 county south central Indiana area foster families and children and will help change their lives, a speculation of course but considering the documented success of the 2013 KDM Christmas Party, and the success in Georgia I have no doubt that your contribution will put smiles on faces that have little to smile about. We continue the original plan to provide the same number of gifts for each child with a spending limit of from low $100 to high $125 and were pretty much able to hold to that.

Annual Christmas Party

Kids Do Matter hosts a Christmas party every year for foster children living in the Bloomington area. Linda Shanahan personally purchases all the gists for the children, wraps them herself and hand delivers all of them to Santa. Just like Santa, Linda starts preperation for the parties in the Spring. In 2014 Santa and KDM purchased, wrapped and delivered over 2,300 gifts at the annual party for foster kids. Most recent counts indicate that there are over 425 foster children living in foster homes in the 5 county area connecting to the State of Indiana DCS office in Bloomington. That's a 12% increase in foster children over the KDM first year party.